At Stonewall Institute Treatment Center, we understand that recovery means something different to each person.  For us recovery means something greater than just beating addiction.  Recovery is about having positive relationships, reclaiming your life, finding your self-worth, and finally being free.  

Spirituality and recovery go hand-in-hand.  When you start living a spiritual life, you’re add a dimension of richness and love.  But simply becoming sober will not immediately improve an addict’s quality of life.  The difference between the struggle for sobriety and the joy of sobriety centers around the recovering person’s willingness to seek a spiritual way of life.

How can one start to living a spiritual life?  Involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous is one way.  Another way is to practice holistic healing.  Holistic treatment options in addiction are best paired with traditional addiction treatment practices as well.  Holistic approaches when it comes to addiction recovery can help bring harmony and balance to all areas of one’s life; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Some examples of holistic recovery options include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional therapy, natural/homeopathic medicine, aromatherapy, chakra healing, etc.  These practices are proven to help those in recovery connect with their spirituality, which provides new purpose in their journey for sobriety. 

Holistic recovery practices can nurture the soul and open the mind to new ways of healing.  A holistic view of your life can help evaluate what areas of your life are full of support and others that require additional attention. 

Some questions to ask yourself when evaluating which areas of your life can benefit from holistic healing: 

    • Am I fueling my body with the proper food & drink that are in alignment with my health goals?
    • Do I have a strong sense of connection with others?
    • Do I have a relationship with a Higher Power?
    • Do I participate in spiritual activities that bring me peace? (Ex: meditation, hiking, walking, prayer, organized religious gatherings, etc.)
    • Am I suffering in any way?
    • Do I have balance in my life?

Although we do not recommend holistic treatment options in place of traditional addiction treatment, we do recommend a holistic approach in conjunction with a traditional addiction treatment plan under the supervision of a professional. 

At Stonewall Institute Treatment Center, we incorporate holistic healing methods in our treatment plans supervised by trained professionals.  We believe that addiction recovery doesn’t just mean abstaining from alcohol or drug use, but regaining a life full of love, peace, and balance.  Unlike the sterile feel of many hospital-based programs, our upscale setting is warm and inviting designed to enhance your therapeutic experience. 

Our commitment to you is making world-class treatment attainable and to help others establish a solid foundation for achieving and maintaining a meaningful life of sobriety.  For more information on our 10-week Intensive Outpatient Program or counseling services, please contact us at (602) 535-6468 or email us at