“Studies confirm that substance use within the LGBTQI+ community is significantly higher than the general population.”

LGBTQI+ Drug Rehab Arizona


There Is Hope…

There Is Hope…..
Reaching out for help is hard. Those of us within the LGBTQI+ community often feel exacerbated feelings of isolation and fear. Our life history may include complex issues that those outside of the LGBTQI+ community find difficult to fully understand. Over the years, Stonewall Institute has treated a full range of LGBTQI+ patients presenting with a host of complex challenges. Patients we see are often running from core issues that can be easily misunderstood by the general population. It’s important when searching for treatment services, that you find a center that is truly skilled at working with the LGBTQI+ population. The truth is that in today’s world, many treatment center’s claim they are “LGBTQI+ friendly”, but few truly have the expertise to address the complexity of our needs. At Stonewall Institute, we have this expertise & we welcome the opportunity to work with you.
Handling rejection and broken relationships with our family of origin
Sorting through the pain of living a “double life” of secrecy & shame by compartmentalizing who we’re out to
Navigating social connection within the community outside of the gay bars and nightclubs
Ensuring adequate health care for issues such as HIV/AIDS
Intensified financial stressors for those who identify as transgender
Spiritual conflict due to negative societal messages about LGBTQI+ individuals

Integrative Programming

Integrative Programming</h12

“Integrative Programming” refers to treatment practices that involve LGBTQI+ individuals and non-LGBTQI+ individuals together in much of the same core programming. LGBTQI+ individuals at Stonewall Institute will always experience acceptance, validation, and trust from group members and our skilled licensed therapists. Our LGBTQI+ clients will benefit from:
Competent clinicians who are specifically trained to work with LGBTQI+ clients
A safe and affirmative group where you are encouraged to be out
Recovery connections to LGBTQI+ community resources to sustain long term sobriety
Unique sensitivity to spiritual issues that LGBTQI+ individuals face

LGBTQI+ Community Programming

LGBTQI+ Community Programming

We utilize LGBTQI+ Affirmative Sober Living Homes for those in need of supportive housing
We provide essential resources for those who identify as transgender
We partner with HIV/AIDS organizations to ensure individuals who are HIV positive are connected with adequate health care
We are actively integrated in the local LGBTQI+ 12-Step Recovery community and connect clients to these essential resources

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