Finding an Outpatient Rehab in Arizona

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Why Choose Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

While there are many studies that show efficacy with inpatient treatment, not all individuals with a substance use issue require this level of care. Many people, and particularly those who are in the early stages of addiction, may not require 24/7 medical monitoring and being uprooted to a residential setting. For individuals who are not acutely at risk of substance use withdrawal symptoms and are not experiencing any serious mental health issues which require hospitalization, outpatient drug, and alcohol treatment may be an appropriate level of care.

With outpatient treatment programs such as Stonewall Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, clients are able to continue with their life responsibilities such as work, school, and family while still being able to address their substance use issues. Additionally, since outpatient treatment does not have the added expense of residential living, substance use treatment at the outpatient level of care is often a more economically feasible option for people with financial concerns.

For those with apprehension about enrolling in addiction rehabilitation programs, we encourage you to contact us. With Stonewall Institute, our compassionate and caring staff will guide you through the process by first scheduling you for a clinical evaluation. Our substance use evaluations help us to ensure our outpatient program is the correct level of care for you, while also providing you with the opportunity to learn more about our clinical expertise and therapeutic setting. Feel free to call us at (602)-362-8196 and our intake team will help you begin the process.

Stonewall Institute’s Outpatient Rehab Programs

Our clinical team at Stonewall Institute is fully dedicated to making sure you are provided with the best Outpatient Addiction treatment Phoenix can provide. Our specialists are Master Level Licensed Counselors who will provide you with the latest evidence-based treatment modalities, ensuring a more effective and insightful rehabilitation process.

Stonewall Institute provides individualized care through our intensive case management services which are designed to tailor treatment to meet your specific needs. Our intensive treatment planning process considers all aspects of your life including your overall mental health, vocational and career goals, interpersonal relationships, and your long-term personal goals. In addition, we will guide you in sustaining long term recovery through connection to community-based recovery programs such as 12-step Recovery Meetings, Refuge Recovery Meetings, and SMART Recovery Meetings. No matter what preferences you have, at Stonewall Institute we strive to provide you with the arrangements you need to rebuild your life in recovery.

Getting the Best Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Arizona

At Stonewall Institute, we understand the stressors that affect our clients. In addition to the immense burden of drug and alcohol addiction, many of our clients must also balance their recovery with their daily lives. We also completely understand the higher cost of inpatient programs, and we wish to provide clients with a flexible and affordable addiction treatment option without sacrificing the quality of care you deserve.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an alcohol or drug use issue, we can help. Call Stonewall Institute today at (602)-362-8196 to schedule a confidential clinical evaluation with one of our qualified professionals.

Why Stonewall Institute Treatment Center?

Why Stonewall Institute Treatment Center?

Stonewall Institute Treatment Center offers superior quality care in an upscale treatment setting at an affordable price. You’ll notice the difference when you work with us:
Personalized care with a low client-to-staff ratio
A holistic approach designed to help you heal all areas of your life
An upscale therapeutic environment that is both warm and professional
Exceptional results with positive client outcomes
Major insurance accepted
Economic hardship rates with financing options available

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