Substance Use Evaluation

Substance addiction can weigh heavily on a person’s life. It can have far-reaching impacts that affects not just the user but, many times, their loved ones as well.

Addiction progressively worsens without appropriate help or treatment. And the first step toward recovery is admitting that the addiction exists. If a person does not acknowledge the problem, they will not feel that treatment is necessary.

Stonewall Institute is a licensed outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide clinical evaluations to assess for substance use and co-occurring issues. Our evaluations are administered by qualified professionals who will conduct a thorough analysis of your circumstance and provide you with objective results related to your individual needs. Stonewall Institute offers the following types of Clinical Evaluation Services:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
  2. Court-Ordered Substance Use Evaluations related to a legal issue
  3. Substance Use Evaluations for a DUI that occurred in another state

What is Substance Use Evaluation?

A substance use evaluation is an assessment method that helps determine whether or not an individual has substance abuse disorder. The evaluation also involves asking questions to establish the level of addiction and to what extent it has negatively impacted the user’s physical and emotional well-being.

If addiction is present, the evaluation findings are used to create an effective treatment plan tailored to the user’s needs. In case of court-ordered substance abuse evaluations for charges involving drugs or alcohol, the outcome of the assessment may impact how the judge sentences an offender.

What to Expect During a Substance Use Evaluation?

Knowing what to expect during a drug and alcohol evaluation can help ease your worries and concerns. The more informed you are about the process, the more prepared you will be for what is to follow.

The evaluation has two parts: the screening and the assessment. During the screening process, the counselor or physician determines whether substance abuse or addiction is taking place. This step generally results in a YES or NO answer.

After the screening comes the assessment. This stage in the process involves defining the nature of the problem and its severity, determining a diagnosis, and determining a treatment plan.

Why Evaluation is Important

Each person is unique and may require different courses of treatment for their addiction. Thorough assessment of the situation – the type of substances used, the severity of the addiction, and their physical and emotional stability – is critical to mapping out a viable course of treatment and identifying the intensity of care required.

At Stonewall Institute, substance use evaluations are carried out by expert level licensed counselors with a deep understanding of substance abuse issues and how to treat them.

We Are Here to Help

A drug and alcohol assessment can be the first step to getting better.

Recognized as one of the best outpatient rehabs in Arizona, Stonewall Institute offers a judgment-free clinical environment where the foundation for recovery and healing begins. We employ a variety of evidence-based therapies with an emphasis on overall well-being and relapse prevention. Our holistic approach to care provides our clients with the tools they need to fully recover from the painful grip of addiction.

Recovery starts here.
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