Continuing Care Services

Aftercare refers to services that help individuals maintain long-term drug and alcohol recovery following residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment. A well thought out aftercare plan greatly diminishes the likelihood of relapse. At Stonewall Institute, we customize every aftercare plan based upon each person’s unique needs. For clients successfully completing a residential treatment program, our 10 week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides important structure necessary for recovery and community integration.

Aftercare Services at Stonewall Institute may include:

  • Ongoing relapse prevention plan for triggers, people, places and things when returning home.
  • Integration with local 12-step meetings, Celebrate Recovery, or SMART Recovery Meetings.
  • Sober Living including options for: Sober-House, or returning to drug/alcohol free environment.
  • Coordination of Care for psychiatry and co-occurring issues