What is a Higher Power? – Stonewall Institute Treatment Center

In Alcoholics Anonymous, we continually refer to and speak about a Higher Power , which lead many to believe that Alcoholics Anonymous is a religious society.  This is not the case.  The term ‘Higher Power’ refers to a belief in something that is much greater than ourselves.  AA members are encouraged to interpret the term ‘Higher Power’ in their own way, whether that be in a religious sense (i.e. God), or in a sense that relates to something simply greater than ourselves as humans.

You can see where this may confuse some people.  The interchangeability that ‘God’ and ‘Higher Power’ seem to have has deterred many from entering Alcoholics Anonymous.  A belief in God is not required for membership into AA.  The only requirement is to have a common desire to stop drinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous does not only encourage one to stop drinking/using, but it also encourages active spirituality in the recovering addict’s life.  Many people in recovery live extremely joyful and happy life filled with richness and love, but simply becoming sober will not immediately improve an addict’s quality of life.  The difference between the struggle for sobriety and the joy of sobriety centers around the recovering person’s willingness to seek a spiritual way of life.

When you’re in the depths of your disease, your substance of choice is your Higher Power.  The substance is the most important thing in your life and when you eliminate that substance, you must find another Higher Power and higher purpose. 

Higher Powers may include universal energy, Mother Nature, meditation, God, etc.  The great part about Alcoholics Anonymous is that you have the freedom to choose your Higher Power.  Whatever gives you the strength and courage to live a meaningful life of sobriety can be your Higher Power. 

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