Stonewall Institute Admissions Process

Recovery begins with your brave decision to ask for help, face your vulnerabilities, and heal from the devastating effects of active addiction. At Stonewall Institute Treatment Center, our top priority is providing you with the best possible care—tailored to fit your specific needs.

To begin the admissions process, simply call our main number at 602-535-6468.

You will be immediately connected with one of our Intake Specialists who will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. From there, we’ll have you confidentially meet with one of our licensed therapists for a clinical evaluation. We will then provide you with objective clinical recommendations based upon your specific circumstances. Getting sober can be difficult in the early stages of recovery. However, with the right team of people guiding and supporting you, we believe you’ll soon discover that a sober life is less painful than a life of active using. The road to recovery starts with having the courage to pick up the phone and ask for help. Call us today at 602-535-6468.

5 Step Drug & Alcohol Admissions Process

Stonewall Institute integrates 5 steps for admission to our Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program

  1. 1. Telephonic screening interview with a Stonewall Institute Admissions Specialist. During this brief interview, we will discuss your therapeutic needs and collect preliminary information pertaining to your mental health and substance use history. This information is obtained to ensure Stonewall Institute is the correct level of care to meet your treatment needs.
  2. 2. Once it is determined that Stonewall Institute will be a good fit for you, we then discuss payment options . Many of our clients utilize major insurance to pay for services, as we are in-network with major insurance companies. Self-pay and financing options are also available. For those utilizing insurance, we will collect your insurance information during this step to verify coverage
  3. 3. A Substance Use Evaluation will be scheduled for you to meet with one of our clinical staff members. During the evaluation, we will gather more comprehensive information and further answer any questions you may have regarding our treatment program.
  4. 4. An Admission date will be scheduled where you will meet individually with an assigned Case Manager. The purpose of this meeting will be to complete an initial treatment plan and review program expectations. If you desire family involvement as part of your care, we will coordinate with family members during this step. Care coordination for psychiatric medication and individual therapy will also take place at this time if indicated.
  5. 5. Begin 10 weeks of Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment 9 Hours per week with a Master Level Licensed Counselor.