Crystal Meth Rehab in Arizona

Any type of addiction can be very draining, both physically and mentally. If you have become addicted to crystal methamphetamine (meth, for short), then you know this to be true. It is a drug that can and will take over your life, ruining relationships, employment, responsibilities, and everything it’s around. The good news is that there is help available to you, and it’s important to know that you are not alone. Seeking help for your addiction is the first step, and it’s often the hardest, but there is hope and healing waiting for you.

What is Crystal Methamphetamine?

Crystal meth is an extremely addictive and illegal stimulant that has a long-lasting (up to 12 hours) pleasurable and euphoric effect on users. It is manufactured in illegal labs by combining ingredients that are derived from over-the-counter drugs and other chemical and toxic substances. Crystal meth is a form of the drug methamphetamine, that is odorless and colorless. It may also be called meth, glass, or ice because it looks similar to shiny rocks or pieces of glass.

Crystal meth works by increasing the production od dopamine in the brain and has similar effects to other stimulants like cocaine. It can be snorted, smoked, swallowed, or cooked and injected. It is typically taken for its euphoric effects, but sometimes taken as a way to lose weight quickly or to have more energy. Unfortunately, this often leads to tolerance and ultimately, addiction.

What is a Crystal Methamphetamine Rehab in Arizona?

There are various types of treatment for crystal meth addiction. It’s typically recommended that you attend a detox program before beginning inpatient or outpatient treatment, to rid your body of substances. Crystal meth addiction programs may be inpatient in some case, where you stay at the treatment center for a period of time while receiving therapy, addiction education, and other treatments.

Another option is outpatient treatment. This allows you to have essentially the same treatment as inpatient, but you don’t live at the facility. Instead, you attend during the day or evening, but you live at home. This provides you with flexibility if you have work, school, or family responsibilities. It’s important to consider carefully which type of crystal meth treatment program is your best option.

What Are the Risks of Crystal Methamphetamine Abuse?

Crystal methamphetamine creates a false sense of energy and well-being in users. That allows users to push their bodies further and harder than it is meant to. This can lead to a severe crash when the drug wears off, which can cause mental breakdowns. Additionally, crystal meth decreases appetite and the need to sleep, which can lead to extreme weight loss, malnutrition, and hallucinations.

Crystal meth puts users at risk of both short- and long-term effects. Some of the immediate dangers include:

Decreased appetite
Dilated pupils
Insomnia or interrupted sleep patterns
Increased body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure
Erratic, bizarre, and sometime aggressive or violent behavior
Paranoia, panic, and psychosis
Hallucinations, irritability, and hyperexcitability
Seizures or convulsions
In the long term, crystal meth can cause irreparable damage to the body. Because of the increased heart rate and blood pressure, users are at risk of stroke and cardiovascular problems. It can also cause permanent damage to the brain. Those who do recover from crystal meth addiction often suffer memory problems and severe mood swings long after getting clean.

Some of the long-term risks of crystal meth use include:

Severe tooth decay or tooth loss
Permanent damage to blood vessels of the brain and heart that can cause strokes, heart attacks, and even death.
Kidney, liver, and lung damage
Respiratory problems (when smoked)
Damage to nose tissues (when snorted)
Infections, viral and bacterial, such as HIV and hepatitis C (when injected)
Confusion, disorientation
Brain damage (similar to Alzheimer’s disease)
People who use crystal meth regularly often have a thin, haggard appearance, looking much older and sicker than before they started using. This is due to the chemicals that are in the drug. Things like drain cleaner, battery acid, and hydrochloric acid can cause teeth to rot and fall out. This is often called meth mouth. Besides the toxic chemicals, there are some other reasons that crystal meth users may have bad teeth:
They frequently grind and clench their teeth.
Use of the crystal meth causes dry mouth, which reduces levels of protective saliva.
High crystal meth users crave sugary drinks.
Users often neglect oral hygiene while using.
You may also notice that crystal meth users often have sores and blemishes on their face and body. This is due to the “picking” that meth users frequently do. It is sad and disturbing to see someone who is in the throes of meth addiction.

What Are the Benefits of Crystal Methamphetamine Rehab?

Overcoming addiction to crystal methamphetamine isn’t easy. Rehab is often the best option, so you should consider it carefully. There are numerous benefits to attending an addiction treatment program. Some are:

Guidance and professional care: When you’re in a treatment program, you will receive care from an experienced team of health professionals who know how to help people with addiction. If you attend a detox program, you will also have the benefit of medical supervision as you go through withdrawal symptoms.
Support from others: A strong support system is a must when you begin early recovery. You will meet others in the program who understand what you have gone and are going through. Even if you have a supportive family and group of friends, there is a lot to be said for peer support. These are people who get you, so bonding can happen quickly in treatment. This can be very helpful and uplifting, even lasting after you complete your program.
Individualized care: Every person is unique, and addiction treatment should be as well. The rehab program you choose should be one that tailors treatment plans to the individual. This ensures that you receive the level and type of care that you need.

Who Should Attend Crystal Methamphetamine Rehab in Arizona?

Crystal meth is extremely addictive. You can become addicted after using it only a few times. It’s a harsh, damaging substance that wreaks havoc on your body and your relationships, seriously affects how you look, changes your lifestyle for the worse, and damages brain functioning. Despite knowing this, there are many people who make the decision to try crystal meth, and before they know it, they become dependent on it, and can’t stop using it on their own.

If you have found yourself in this situation, then you are someone who should attend a crystal meth rehab program. Addiction is a progressive disease. That means that as long as it’s untreated, it will only get worse, never better. The time to get help is now – many people who used crystal meth have lost their lives, never getting the chance to recover.

What to Look for in a Crystal Methamphetamine Rehab in Arizona?

Addiction is a complicated condition, that impacts all areas of your life. Hopefully, if you are struggling with addiction to crystal meth, or any other substance, you are ready to seek help at a rehab program. Fortunately, there are settings and levels of addiction treatment available to help you get into recovery.

Here are some of the questions to ask to help you narrow down your list of treatment programs:

What type of accreditation and licensure does the treatment center have?
What credentials, licensure, and educations do the clinical staff members have?
Is there a detox program available if needed?
How long is the program?
Is there aftercare available?
Is there any family program or participation in the program?
What is the cost of the program?
Does the program accept your insurance?
You may have more questions than those listed above. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Knowledge is power and you will feel more comfortable if you have a thorough understanding of the program.

How Can Stonewall Help with Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction?

Crystal methamphetamine is an addiction that can happen quickly and have a strong pull for users. It can be devastating to their lives, their families, and friends. For those who are willing to take the first step and ask for help, there is hope and healing possible.

At Stonewall Institute, we are here to help. If you are struggling with crystal meth addiction, our caring and experienced staff will provide you with the support and care that you need to get started with recovery. Our programs are designed for people who have addictions to crystal meth, or any other substance, and they are tailored to your specific situation and needs. Please contact us at (602)-535-6468 and a member of our intake team will be happy to answer your questions and get you started right away.