Stonewall Institute – About Us

Stonewall Institute in Phoenix, Arizona is an affordable alcohol and drug rehab center that uses an individualized approach for recovery.

Who We Are

Stonewall Institute is an outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center with a focus on holistic, individualized approach to addiction recovery. We provide the highest level of care to clients, giving them the tools they need to get and stay sober. We know that it takes courage and vulnerability to ask for help, and then to follow through with treatment.

We provide a warm and supportive setting with structure and guidance from our Master Level Licensed Counselors. We help clients establish a solid foundation of recovery that they take with them, often going on to live healthy, productive lives.

We Understand Addiction

Because we have a deep understanding of how difficult it is to seek help for addiction, we are dedicated to embracing every individual who comes to us for help. At Stonewall Institute, we want everyone to feel welcomed, supported, and cared for.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is one of our country’s biggest social problems. It touches millions and millions of people every single year. Whether it is abuse of alcohol or prescription drugs or illicit street drugs, abuse is abuse, and all forms can ultimately lead to dependency and addiction. The cycle of addiction is often nearly impossible to break without professional help. We are here to provide that help to individuals who are suffering.

There are numerous reasons that people turn to drug and alcohol use, from simple experimentation to self-medication to peer-pressure. While not every user will become addicted, the risk is there from the very first use. The younger someone is when they first try drugs or alcohol, the higher the risk of addiction developing. Our programs are designed to uncover underlying issues that contributed to clients’ addictions, so they can work through those issues with therapy, get healthier, and live fulfilling, drug-free lives. It is our goal to help our clients and their loved ones develop or renew healthy relationships.

Inpatient therapy isn’t right for every client. For many people with addiction, our outpatient programs are a better fit. Outpatient programs allow clients to focus on their recovery without the time demand of inpatient treatment. They are still able to tend to work, school, and family obligations. We also know that outpatient treatment isn’t enough for some addicted individuals. That’s why we conduct a thorough clinical evaluation to determine the right level of care for every individual who walks through our doors. If it’s warranted, we will refer clients who need inpatient care to another reputable drug and alcohol rehab.

What We Do

Our alcohol and drug rehab services are tailored to the unique needs of each client. All services are facilitated by qualified professionals who have many years of experience working with complex substance use and addiction issues. We take into account each client’s circumstances and living environment, as well as family of origin issues. These are the things that have shaped our clients’ lives and who they have become as adults. It’s essential that they are addressed for hope, healing, and change to happen.

The services we provide at Stonewall Institute include:

Clinical Evaluation – We provide clinical evaluations that assess your needs for substance use and co-occurring disorders. Many people suffering with addiction have underlying issues that need to be addressed concurrently. If you are in this group, we are prepared to help. All of our assessments are conducted by qualified professionals who are able to analyze your results and circumstances to arrive at the key objectives that match your individual needs. The clinical evaluations we conduct include, alcohol and drug evaluations, substance use evaluations for a DUI that occurred in another state, and court-ordered substance use evaluations related to legal issues.
Treatment Planning – Our qualified counselors will tailor your addiction treatment to fit your personal circumstances and needs. Using individualized treatment planning ensures that you receive the best care and the best possible recovery outcome.
Alcohol and Drug Treatment – We provide treatment options for alcohol and substance use disorders, as well as co-occurring conditions. Our programs are conducted in private, upscale outpatient settings, and they use evidence-based treatment modalities. That means that you will receive treatment that has been proven to work. Outpatient treatment includes meeting three times a week for a total of ten weeks. This allows you to maintain work, school, and family responsibilities while addressing your addiction in an intensive treatment environment. Clients in our Alcohol and Drug Treatment program will identify underlying issues that contribute to addiction and learn the critical skills that are needed to sustain long-term sobriety and recovery.
DUI Services – Many people with substance abuse issues have had the unfortunate experience of being charged with a DUI. Typically, the DUI courses that are required by law have to be completed with other agencies. At Stonewall, we make it easy and convenient for you to deal with your DUI requirements and your substance use treatment all in one place. We are licensed by the state of Arizona to provide online DUI screenings, online DUI education, and online DUI treatment. All of our classes meet the state standards and provide you with the convenience of completing the courses at home and at your own pace.
Continuing Care Services – Recovery is a lifelong endeavor that requires you to remain diligent long after you get clean and sober. That’s why we provide aftercare services to help you maintain recovery after you complete a treatment program. Proper aftercare will help reduce your likelihood of relapse and provide the structure that is needed for recovery and community integration. Our aftercare services include ongoing relapse prevention plans to deal with triggers, integration with addiction support groups like 12-step meetings, Smart recovery meetings, and Celebrate Recovery, exploring sober-living options, and coordinating psychiatric care for co-occurring disorders.
Family Support – Addiction doesn’t only affect the addict it can be devastating for family members as well. When family members see their loved one battling with substance abuse, it can take a toll. At Stonewall, we provide help for the family of the addict to help them deal with what they are going through.

Why Choose Stonewall Institute?

At Stonewall Institute, clients can expect to receive high-quality care form our licensed counselors who utilize effective clinical modalities that lead to positive outcomes. Additionally, all intensive outpatient clients can expect:

A holistic approach to treatment that is designed to provide healing in all areas of your life – body, mind, and spirit
Individualized care that is unique to your circumstances
A low client-to-staff ratio to provide you with more personalized care
A warm, welcoming, and professional therapeutic environment in an upscale setting
Exceptional results with many positive client outcomes
Acceptance of most major insurance plans
Help for those with economic hardships, including financing options
The benefits of outpatient addiction treatment are many. It’s a means of getting a second chance at living the life that until now, you haven’t been able to achieve. At Stonewall, we have helped clients just like you turn their lives around and find health and happiness. Don’t delay getting the treatment you need. We are here to help clients in the Phoenix area.