I just want to extend a thank you. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. Stonewall promotes honesty without judgment, something truly appreciated in such a trying time.

If you are looking for a comfortable and safe place to get substance abuse counseling you could not find a better place!

Excellent counselor would recommend Stonewall’s services to family and friends.

The staff is non-judgmental insightful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Thank you for a painless DUI experience.

This place is awesome! They have a friendly knowledgeable staff that’s necessary in the recovery process. I’ve learned a great deal of information that will assist me in my life of sobriety. Mon, Wed & Fri nights consist of a small outpatient group where magical things happen. I recommend anyone in need of help coming off substances, drugs or alcohol, come here.

The program made me question my actions (Why I do what I do) and helped me realize that this is not who I am. I am happy that after so much negativity I found something positive. I truly changed my actions and hope to stay this way. Had I not come here God knows where or how I would’ve ended up.

I am so glad my attorney referred me here. It made all the difference between this being a hollow gesture and one of life changing significance.