Sober Living and Addiction Treatment

As one of the top outpatient rehabs in Arizona, many of our clients at Stonewall Institute Treatment Center benefit from sober living in conjunction with outpatient clinical services.

What is Sober Living?

Sober Living is a structured living environment that provides those in early recovery the vital tools necessary to sustain long term sobriety. Sober living facilities are often managed and operated by people in recovery; not necessarily clinical professionals. Sober living is different from drug rehab. Sober living programs provide individuals with a room to rent or share, often with other people also in early recovery. Structure typically consists of curfews, random drug testing, 12-step meetings, attendance, and routine house meetings. Meals and transportation are not always provided by the facility, and most residents of sober living programs are required to obtain or maintain employment or be actively engaged in an outpatient rehab program while enrolled in services.

Sober Living in Arizona

While the Phoenix metro area is immersed with hundreds of sober living homes, below are the top sober living facilities in the valley that we believe deliver quality care with integrity and sound ethics. Residing in sober living in conjunction with outpatient rehab can provide individuals with life sustaining structure necessary for long term recovery.